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of Shannon Bruce, CPCC, PCC and StoryBridge Coaching

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As I partner with CEO's, teams and organizations, I am allowing the creation of a new website, with content and materials for StoryBridge, Inc., to emerge over time in an organic, energized process of "flow". My approach is counter intuitive to the traditional path, yet one that I feel best serves my clients and aligns with the honesty and integrity I want to bring to my work. As an "out-of-the-box" coach, this approach to the development of StoryBridge, Inc. will allow me to bring fresh insight, perspectives and cutting-edge coaching and tools which calls forth the highest capacity in the Executives, Leaders and Teams I serve. 

There is much happening "behind the scenes" as I actively engage in work with my clients. My commitment long-term is to integrate the insight I am gaining through direct, first hand experience in training, facilitating and coaching my clients, and to bring this into a website that provides the best of what I have to offer.  Blending my corporate background with my coaching experience, I will ultimately relaunch my company with a new look and feel for the purpose of building high performing teams based on a foundation of authentic trust, appreciation and collaboration. The end goal is to improve emotional intelligence and sustain high impact results, both top and bottom line, while creating a culture of positivity that strengthens both community and collaboration within individuals, teams and organizations.

In the meantime, I am available to support you if you're ready to take your leadership presence, team collaboration and organizational performance to the next level! 

Until the website is launched, I am available to support your leaders, teams and organization with a variety of services. I provide training, facilitation and coaching on the following important themes:
  • Corporate Culture Shift,
  • Resilience and Positivity for the Health & Well Being of Leaders, Teams and Companies
  • Transition and Change,
  • Leadership Skills Development,
  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Mentoring & Coaching,
  • Employee Engagement,
  • Executive, Team and Organization Performance Coaching
  • Strategy, Mission, Vision & Values
  • Leader & Executive Self-Care
  • Crucial Conversations
My approach to working with clients is based on the following attributes:
  • High trust,
  • Collaboration built on co-ownership and alignment,
  • Systems thinking to address the various parts of the whole,
  • Strengths based approach,
  • Celebration,
  • Interpersonal and operational focus,
  • Relationships and results.
For more information about me and my work, please visit the following additional websites:

As a Catalyst for Culture Change, I am available to learn more about your specific needs and to design a customized plan to support you, your teams and your organizations. Please contact me by e-mail at or by phone at (360) 308-8292.

Wendy Balman and I are also available to support you with your larger organizational needs as we leverage our skills and expertise. You can reach us at

 Certified Shift Faculty member of  the
Shift to Above-the-Line Culture Training for Teams

Credentialed by 
the International Coach Federation

Certified through The Coaches Training Institute
Authorized Facilitator
of the Team Diagnostic Assessment

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