We believe that companies are more than a balance sheet or profit & loss statement. They are living, breathing entities filled with people who have a heart and soul, that when fully engaged in the workplace, can make the difference between an average and extraordinary organization.

Our belief is that everyone in an organization is a leader. Distinctly different than a traditional leadership perspective, we hold that all team members are “relational leaders” with the ability to impact and influence other employees, customers, vendors and the community. We assert that this form of leadership is present in all employees regardless of job title or function. When relational leadership is empowered, the culture within a company is energized, and teams and organizations flourish. When relational leadership isn’t acknowledged, or is left to its own development, it can hinder teams and organizations leading to superficial trust and mediocre results.

With this in mind, the key intention of our work is to close the relationship gaps that exist in teams and organizations while equipping teams and companies with insight and skills that improve trust, listening and communication. We have identified these as three core issues that impact the level of engagement and productivity of teams within organizations.

Our approach to developing the scope of work is based on conducting an initial discovery process to understand the current reality for each potential client. As we identify the specific needs, we clarify the vision and desired outcomes which facilitates the design of the work we do. Each engagement is co-created with the client and is personalized to meet the client’s needs while integrating our experience and framework to achieve maximum results.

Here's what you can count on when you partner with us: 

  • Proven Track Record of Success. We have experience. We are consultants on record within a major healthcare organization and have achieved success as evidenced by increased team engagement, productivity and profitability.  (See Call Center Case Study.)

  • Collaborative Team Focus. We utilize resources within the team and organization to build upon your foundational wisdom and to eliminate silos across teams, departments and ultimately the organization. The result is low intrusion and deep transformation.

  • Deepen Values. We create awareness, build trust and respect, and develop a culture of collaboration and accountability that honor team and organizational values.

  • Systems Based Expertise. Using a systems approach allows us to impact teams both within and across departments while addressing multiple areas of focus simultaneously. We can break down large processes into bite size pieces, to provide training, and utilize coaching to apply and integrate for practical change within teams and across teams. Our approach provides structure around the skills that support high performing teams as people engage leader-to-leader.

  • Speed. Our results happen at an accelerated pace. Because the foundation of leadership is solid with a structure around the skills, the culture changes are sustainable.