Friday, June 16, 2017


Wendy Balman and Shannon Bruce interviewed on CUTV News Talk Radio!

Check out their interview by clicking the link below (it may take a moment to load).

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Welcome to The Leadership Collaborative! Wendy and Shannon use a team approach to best leverage their skills and expertise to address team and organizational challenges and opportunities.

Leaders, teams and organizations today are seeking greater productivity with smaller budgets and fewer people. Many recognize that leadership development is a vital key to increasing productivity through growing the leadership capacity of individuals within the organization. 

The Leadership Collaborative not only works with individual leaders but with teams, organizational departments and collaborative systems to shift groups of people towards greater productivity and positivity.

For example, positivity includes increasing the trust, honesty, safety, creativity, accountability and values based foundation of a team or network of connected people within an organization. Increasing the positivity of a team or group of people directly supports better communication and the relational connections and equity needed for vital productivity. 

Is your team in crisis mode? Are you as a leader required to work beyond your own capacity? Contact us to find out how we can support you to increase your capacity and stabilize your team so you can confidently accomplish your goals.